Nanotechnology and Cryonics Seminar Projects

Description: The research paper Nanotechnology and Cryonics Seminar Projects speaks about Nanotechnology and Cryonics. Nano technology is the art of miniaturizing gadgets in such a way that molecules are deliberately aligned in order to bring in the desired effect. This is done to improve the efficiency of gadgets and functioning. Nanotechnology gives solutions to the impossible. Things which were once beyond human perception are now totally possible by means of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology helps in designing miniature gadgets that penetrate into human body and cure a particular organ without disturbing the surrounding tissue. Tumors and cancers can be completely eliminated using the methods of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology also offers miniature equipment that can provide rescue operations during earthquakes ensuring minimum damage. The devices of nanotechnology will help construct secure and safe automobiles.

The research paper suggests that cryonics is a domain that helps suspend a dead body in frozen environment. The domain posits that a body may die due to malfunctioning of a particular domain. This impaired area of the body can be cured when the technology for the treatment is discovered. Once the suspended body is treated the dead body comes to life again. This is what it believes. Cryonic suspension is a method of stabilizing the condition of someone who is terminally ill so that they can be transported to the medical care facilities that will be available in the late 21st or 22nd century. There is little dispute that the condition of a person stored at the temperature of liquid nitrogen is stable, but the process of freezing inflicts a level of damage which cannot be reversed by current medical technology. Whether or not the damage inflicted by current methods can ever be reversed depends both on the level of damage and the ultimate limits of future medical technology.

 Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that although sounds to be beneficial the domain of cryonics has to face many challenges before it sees the light of the day.

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