MANET Mobile Ad hoc Network Technical Seminar

Description: The research paper MANET Mobile Ad hoc Network Technical Seminar descries what mobile ad-hoc network is. The research paper suggests that MANET is a multihop packet based mobile network that can be used both for communication and while moving at the same time. And all this without any fixed kind of infrastructure. MANET are mobile networks that can be established and removed at a specific site without a need for any centralized system.

It is suggested in the research paper that as for other packet data networks, one –to-one communication in a MANET is achieved by unicast routing each single packet. Routing in MANET is challenging due to the constraints existing on the transmission bandwidth battery power and CPU time and the requirement to cope with the frequent topological changes resulting from the mobility of the nodes.

Nodes of a MANET cooperate in the task of routing packets to destination nodes since each node of the network is able to communicate only with those nodes located within its transmission radius R, while the source and destination nodes can be located at a distance much higher than R.

The routes of conventional protocols are tailored in order to meet the requirements of MANET. . To guarantee that routing tables are up to date and reflect the actual network topology, nodes running a protocol continuously exchange route updates and re calculate paths to all possible destinations. The main advantage of the proactive protocols is that a route is immediately available when is needed for data transmissions.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that it is a bit problematic in MANET to guarantee the validity of cached paths at a node and this alone ensures a good performance. As with any other technology MANET too has its inherent defects and shall be rectified certainly over a period of time.

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