Nano Technology Document For Students Switching Application

Description: The research paper Nano Technology Document For Students Switching Application explains Nano technology. It is explained in the research paper that Nano technology is miniaturization of gadgets to suit any purpose and requirement. Nano technology basically believes in alignment of atoms in a molecule in such a way as to bring a drastic change in the levels of performance. In simpler forms nano technology believes in efficient performance and that too in a least minimum space possible.

Nano technology aims at designing miniature gadgets which have the capability of aligning themselves and come to rescue in devastating situations like earthquakes and many more. These miniature gadgets can also be used in the domain of automobiles and also medicine. The gadgets help maintain safety mechanism without disturbing the immediate surrounding environment. These include micromanipulators, grippers, AFM, STM, assemblers and still more which are being designed every day. By the end of this sentence, may be millions of Nan tools be created.  These tools are of nanosize (as small as our hair tip) and can perform even the tiniest operation in places which are inaccessible to human-beings.

A Material with Engineered Properties Evident Technologies’ EviDots are man-made, commercially available, nanocrystals that have tunable electronic properties. Hence the user is given an extra degree of freedom in the component design since the raw material properties can be altered. Tuning the electronic properties of the raw material is usually considered impossible but the nanotech material developers at Evident have mastered this band structure manipulation. Evident Technologies, Inc. is offering commercial quantities of mono-dispersed, precision tolerance Lead Selenide(PbSe) nano crystals for research into nonlinear optical elements and devices in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Conclusion: Nano technology will take over the world of miniature gadgets which have solutions for literally all problems, promising the impossible.

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