Molecular Nanotechnology Engineering Technical Seminar Topics

Description: The research paper Molecular Nanotechnology Engineering Technical Seminar Topics talks about Molecular Nano technology. Nano technology is the branch of computer sciences engineering which aims at miniaturization of gadgets. These nano tools are nothing but the molecules in which the atoms are aligned in a way so as to rope in the desired effect. Nano technology can be immensely used in any domain and in the domains of transport and medicine specifically. Nano technology aims at developing tools that would align themselves in order to recue any calamity and thus guaranteeing minimum wreckage and maximum safety.

 It has been suggested in the research paper that Nanotechnology was mostly a dream until the invention of the Scanning Tunneling Microscope and the atomic Force Microscope.  Now it was possible not just to see individual atoms, but to move them as well.  Some technologies are already in use, from clothing, to cosmetics, to medicine. Of direct impact to the field of computer science is the expected surge in storage capacity.

One nanometer (nm) is one billionth, or 10-9 of a meter. For comparison, typical carbon-carbon bond lengths, or the spacing between these atoms in a molecule, are in the range .12-.15 nm, and a DNA double-helix has a diameter around 2 nm. On the other hand, the smallest cellular life forms, the bacteria of the genus Mycoplasma, are around 200 nm in length. A number of physical phenomena become noticeably pronounced as the size of the system decreases. These include statistical mechanical effects, as well as quantum mechanical effects, for example the “quantum size effect” where the electronic properties of solids are altered with great reductions in particle size.

 Conclusion:  The research paper concludes on a note that there is something called as nano ethics that oversees the domain of nano technology.

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