Monitoring Different Processes Using SCADA

AIM:     SCADA projects main idea is to develop a micro controller based RF system through which we can continuously monitor and organize the processes that which are running on various SCADA systems.

PURPOSE: Main purpose of using SCADA system is to increase the quality of the services and increase profit by using wireless technology like RF. Using this system it will easy to automatically collect data  and archiving systems through SCADA for reducing process cycle time.

Description:This system will be implemented in industries where there is need to monitor different processes at a same time. SCADA system will be installed in control rooms, through this system operator will monitor different process. Using this application man power will be decreased and reduce cost of the project and increase profit. 


  1. Embedded C
  2. Keil IDE
  3. Uc-Flash


  1. Micro controller
  2. Power Supply
  3. RF Transmitters & Receivers
  4. Encoders & Decoders
  5. Relays
  6. DC motor
  7. Photo sensor
  8. Temperature Sensor
  9. Buzzer
  10. Furnace
  11. LCD
download  Monitoring Different Processes Using SCADA Project.

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