Industrial Robot Using Micro Controller

Objective:Industrial Robot projects objective is to develop a robotic application for industries which can move in circular, rectangular, angular straight line path and which can work on hard and plane surfaces.

Robot is integrated with different sensors which can sense parameters like temperature and detect fire and obstacles in its path.

Functioning:DC servomotor is used for controlling two pairs of wheels set to the robot. DC servomotor consists of wound armature and permanent magnet rotor. In order to control the speed of the DC motor pulse width modulation technique is used by providing dc supply to armature.

Micro controller is used to generate DC supply to robot in the form of pulse width modulated signal. This robot is useful for industries for sorting assembling and surveillance.

The following features can be provided in this project

Fire detection

In order to detect fire accidents Robot is assembled with photo sensor like LDR. When sensor senses fire it will send information to micro controller and then it will set on the buzzer.

Obstacle detection

For detecting obstacles in the path IR sensors are fixed with robots which will detect obstacles and set on the buzzer when the obstacle is cleared buzzer will off.

Wireless remote control

This robot runs using RF wireless technology, we can operate using a remote.

download Industrial Robot Using Micro Controller Project. 

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