Intelligent Automatic Plant Irrigation System ECE Final Year Project Abstract

Introduction to Intelligent Automatic Plant Irrigation System ECE Final Year Project:

For getting a successful garden irrigation is the main option. In olden days manual watering system or depending on a friend to water the garden while you are away on a vacation or for a business tour. This project present will able to water your plants in the garden on a regular basis while you are out of station.

The circuit includes sensor parts that are building op-amc IC LM324. Here the om-amp is figured as a comparator and in order to sense the type of soil like whether it is dry or wet two stiff wires made of cooper are inserted in to the soil. The comparator monitor the state of the sensor and if the sensor since that the condition of the soil id dry then the project will switch the motor and when the sensor will again sense that the soil has become dry then it will automatically switch of f the motor. The above job is performed by the comparator when it receives the signals from the sensors.

In order to drive the relay during the west soil on sedition a transistor is used. In order to control the water pump a 5V double pole that doubles through the relay is used. For visuals identification a LED indication of the load status is provided. Across the entire relate as witching decode is connected that enable to neutralize the EMF.

With the 5V power supply these projects keep on doing its work for visual identification of the status of the power LED is attached. Power supply of 5V, 750mA this project is used and the there terminal voltage of 7805 is used for the regulation of voltage. A wave rectifier of bridge type full is used for rectifying the AC output of secondary step down transformer of 230 or 18 V.

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  1. Sir plz tell how we improve this soil sensing project with water level controlling for diffrent type of plants acording to there capacity of watering..plz immediately sir bcz my last date for submission of abstruct is 5 feb 2014 so plz any one help me

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