FM Based Campus Communication System ECE Project

The main aim of the FM Based Campus Communication System Final Year Main project is to establish a proper communication between required and predetermined points with negligible and high noise immunity. This Engineering Final Year Student Project consists of two sections FM transmitter and FM receiver. Transmitter are tuned to exact frequencies as desired individual transmitter will transmit at particular range of frequency’s, which can be varied by varying capacitance in each transmitter frequency are selected above 103 MHZ so that there is no interference with city standard fm transmitter radio. Tuning of receiver can be done to vary frequency of reception that is by varying gang capacitance. This FM Based Campus Communication System mainly useful in all Engineering Colleges & Universities to communicate each other.

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  1. If you want any block diagram or something else it would be just copying. sketch your idea first and discuss with your friends or lectures. check out similar devices available in market.

  2. pleasesend me the abstract, concept, circuit diagram and block diagram of the campus communication system

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