Micro controller based MP3 player projects main idea is to develop a MP3 player by using Atmel microcontroller and SD card. Basically MP3 is the format used for storing audio files which is one type of compression. Initially MP3 files are stored in to SD card and those are played using micro controller which are connected to keypad and LCD display. Users can operate using keypad and select interested songs.

    A mini-RCA jack (3.5mm audio jack) is used as the output of the mp3 player, which can be connected to a car-cassette adapter or a wireless FM transmitter.  A 12V DC plug is the power source so that it can be plugged into the mobile charging port of a car for power.  The volume can be controlled by the car’s audio system.  As the design only needs a 12V DC power source, no batteries are required.  There will be no problem for Mp3 player while reading data because it will never skip on hard surfaces as it is just reading data from flash memory and there is no CD or disk drive spinning. Since the SD card is removable, the storage size can increase as new, larger SD cards are created, as opposed to being a fixed size like most mp3 players today.  

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