ECE Minor Project Report on Automatic Night Lamp with Morning Alarm

In this paper we implemented Automatic Night Lamp with Morning Alarm System with intent to save time for the busy and energy for senior citizens, in this busy world technology is providing comforts to mankind in many ways from tip to toe, in our project an automatic LED is switched on whenever there is darkness in the room for this we provide an sensor called light dependent resistor (LDR), which senses the variations in the surrounding light, whenever there is enough light this LDR offers high resistance at the terminals of the LED, when there is enough darkness  this LDR behaves as an low resistance path and the LED switched ON.

This system provided with an alarm if necessary when it detects the sunlight, This LDR operates as a biasing resistor in between the electric supply and light, the transistor acts as a relay switch, this kit operates at 12v/750mA, for this we need to step down the supply voltage to 12v by using a step down transformer, along with the bridge rectifier to produce rectified 12v dc output, in order to maintain better voltage regulation an voltage regulator is provided across the circuit,  the various components used in our circuit are  the integrated circuits IC 7806,IC NE555,UM66, BC 548 Transistor  switch,  various Diodes IN4007, IN4001, Resistors of 1K,150K,120K,220Ω,580Ω,560Ω, Capacitors 1000µF,0.01µF, along with an 9V battery supply.

The components assembly and there functions characteristics are elaborated in the circuit explanation section, in the room. This LED serves as a bed lamp and in the morning the LED switches itself OFF and alarm sounds to wake the user. This alarm can be manually operated. 

 Our Automatic Night Lamp system is highly sensitive; Works in accordance with light intensity, minimum cost and maximum reliable, based up on the requirement this circuit can also operated manually due to the above advantages these circuits finding applications in residential, small scale industries, street lightning.

Download  ECE Minor Project Report on Automatic Night Lamp with Morning Alarm.

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