RFID Based Home/Office security system Project Abstract

This project RFID based Home/Office security system is developed to build a security system for a home/office to prevent the other persons to enter into the important room/chamber by controlling radio frequency identification by checking a suitable rfid card. 

            The rfid tag gives the unique id when ever it reads the card information. This id information is send to the micro controller to check the correct card to take a security action. If the card id matches with the original information, it allows entering into the room, if not gives the buzzer as an indication of wrong person tried to enter into the room.

In present system there are no efficient methods for accurate identifications, there are certain places where accuracy is important mainly in banking, health care and government sectors. This application will provide RFID tag based system which uses micro controller. 

RFID is one the fast growing technology all over the world for identifying and tracing goods. This system can help hospitals to find expensive equipment in less time and provide better services for patients. This technology is also widely used in pharmaceuticals and logistics.     


  • Item visibility and status
  • Location tracking
  • Access control
  • Traceability
  •  Easy billing 
download  RFID Based Home/Office security system  Project Abstract.

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  1. i am going to make a system for gsm based home automation and security …if i got some help about the idea from this site i feel proudy myself…

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