Microcontroller Based Heart Rate Meter ECE Project Report

This paper describes a new revolutionary concept in the field of medical sciences; the main objective of our project is to provide a meter for heart rate calculations controlled by a micro controller, this paper explains how a single micro controller can performs the heart rate calculations based on the signals from the heart in real time applications,  it give the total details about the heart beat variations  in specified time period through this detailed information the work of doctors is made so easy, and also it forecasts the future effects of the heart based on the present calculations.

Up to know the heart rates are determined using Electrocardiogram (ECG) signal these signals are studied by using a micro controller, but our paper replaces this conventional tape recording system into a new compact micro controller which controls the heart rate in real time, it implements an digital heart counter, the number pulses at the heart are counted by the micro controller, which operates under 4.0 MHz frequency shows its output on the LCD screen. This device is portable and easy to carry, the power consumption is very low, it is fast maintaining accuracy in heart rate estimations, and it is cost effective.

 This system comprises of AT89C2051 microcontroller based on CMOS technology, its configurations and description were briefly explained in below sections, and LM358 Operational Amplifier allows direct sensing facility with highly Compatible logic, the LCD is an seven segment display and had simple layout, through cathode ray oscilloscope we can observe the variations in the heart signals, an assembly level language software is assembled into ASM51 cross-assembler. The entire assembly on a single chip reduces the overall power consumption, reduces the circuit complexity and hardware requirement.

This microcontroller based ECG is practically verified for the analysis of the ECG signals from the heart, made the heart diagnosis easier and their future consequences are determined quite comfortably, and quite reliable when compared to magnetic recording system.

Download  Microcontroller Based Heart Rate Meter ECE Project Report.

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  1. Hi,

    I try to compile source code but get lots of errors.

    I try to use :

    8051 Cross-Assembler 1.2h !!! 8051 Intel cross-assembler !!! 8051 PseudoSam Cross Assembler, V1.4.09

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