Project Report for Investigation Of Alternators Subjected To Different Loads And Minimization Of Encountered Harmonics

In these days the maintaining appropriate power quality had became a basic concern in both production and transmission of the electrical energy, because of increasing demand for electricity and involvement of sensitive devices in transmission of power had caused many problems in distribution and utilization of the electrical energy, these sensitive devices in order to meet the increasing demand of electricity, they creating undesirable quantities like harmonics, the harmonics are created due to the non linear behavior of the load, causing severe problems in the electrical equipment either reducing its performance abilities or by damaging it permanently.  These power quality disturbances are to be reduced in order to achieve proper economical energy transmission.

In our project we provided we studied the different conditions of the alternator performance when they subjected to varying loads, along the suitable harmonic filtration methods improving power quality.  This paper gives the detailed information regarding the evolution of harmonics and their prevention strategies,

In order to analyze the performance of particular machine the following factors are to be concerned like voltage regulation, total harmonic distortion(THD), power factor variations, our paper discusses about the  harmonic analysis which helps in designing proper harmonic filters,  we  conducted experiments on two types of alternators one is Laminated rotor alternator and the other  Solid rotor alternator, and these alternators tested under varying loads i.e. current is proportional to the voltage  and non varying loads i.e. current is not proportional to the load,

The performance tests we conducted are includes oscilloscope test for observing the variations in the load characteristic, Synchronous Impedance Method, Ampere-turn Method, Zero power factor (or) Potier reactance method to find the voltage regulation, and to measure the harmonics we use Spectrum analyzer having two types namely Analog spectrum analyzer, Digital spectrum analyzer with a Wave analyzer to amplitude and frequency calculations. The filters we employed are Single tuned harmonic filter, Capacitor filter having tendency to provide information regarding various harmonics and their behavior.

Download  Project Report for Investigation Of Alternators Subjected To Different Loads And Minimization Of Encountered Harmonics .

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