Pre Paid Energy Meter Microcontroller Project Report

Introduction to Pre Paid Energy Meter Microcontroller Project:

This paper presents a new advanced technology, prepaid energy meter, these meter became an innovative solution for the cost utilities and in this system the users should pay before the use, the main objective of this project is to provide an energy meter that generate pulses in accordance with the varying load this can be used for tariff calculations and it is also known as smart card energy meter, now a days the measurement of electrical energy and billing according with the usage became a prime feature in the electrical boards, the conventional methods used in these days are in effective in terms of accuracy.

So we provided a new concept, by using these energy meters at  the consumer locations made very easy to access power to the each consumer comfortably with reduced man power, and the consumption rates are determined accurately,  this is the advanced technology in automatic reading meters, which calculates not the consumption rates but also calculates the amount in currency, it has three interfacing one is metering interface, the other is monitoring interface, and the third one is communication interface.

This metering has an LED facility which shows information on credits available with an alarm which the utilization of these credits in decremented form. The communication interface is provided with infra red interface for credits transfer, relay control. This modern prepaid meter is robust, flexible, multi tariff billing, power factor detecting and imparting, easily upgraded, high reliable with maximum accuracy at low power consumption.  

The design with individual component representation with their characteristics and features are elaborated in this paper and verification results are tabulated.  This energy meter is rectifying the conventional billing strategies by the concept pay before use; the only thing needed for this implementation is social acceptability, and for proper execution regular management in load, demand aspects.

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  1. Sir
    I liked this project very much and intend to take it forward as my Final year project.
    Can you provide some more information on the circuit diagrams and working?

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