Web Based Automated Manufacturing System Project

Project Titled Web based automated manufacturing system project is a software application which comes under management category. This application is specially designed for companies which manufactures products based on orders and send stock to dealers in given time.  This management software will handle billing management, dealers requests, parts , requesting for parts, products supply, product stock , products transactions, quotations,  suppliers details.

automated manfacturing system

Web based Automated Manufacturing System Abstract:

Most of the manufacturing companies are using management software to reduce manual work and mange work in a professional way. These software applications will help company to manage stock details, communicate with deals about product requirements, customers orders..etc. Each module is related to other module where details are managed in database.

Based on the sales reports of past month or week stock details are updated which will give idea for manufacturing company to give new order for updating stock. By calculating required products we can order for raw material and get approval from suppliers and quotations for suppliers are received by message before approval.

Automated manufacturing management system project uses intelligence processing system which will process users order request to higher authorities like directors and managers who will communicate with user directly.

Once order from suppliers is conformed company will take decision to manufacture products. All these details are updated to stock every time company gets details from suppliers. After production is completed dealers are updated with stock and requests to take order.

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