Metal Detection by Robot ECE Final Year Project

The main aim of this Metal Detection by Robot project Report and documentation is to detecting the obstacle (metal), and weapons (gun, knives) this can be done by using Robot. In this project ANTI TANK MINE DETECTOR is automated in the robot.

The anti tank mine detector is used for finding mine when robot moving on the earth. It is the robotic vehicle it can understand the mine and obstacle. This robot consists of memory to store the obstacle position and the robot can move in safe path.

In this Electronics and communications branch project  the hardware components used are motors ,dc motors, ac motors, stepper motor, servo motors, driving mechanisms(gears and chains, pulleys and belts, gear boxes, power supplies (3volts and 9volts batteries), micro controller, the micro controller is selected based on the chip size, speed, memory, display(LCD or LED).

Metal Detection by Robot Features and Advantages:

To control the robot in this project four wheels are used. These four wheels are controlled by servo motor. For this we used AT 89C51 programmed microcontroller. Whenever any obstacle is found by the sensor then sensor sends a signal to the microcontroller then the alarm is ON until the direction of the robot is changed to desired direction.

The metal detector consist of oscillator produces the alternating current passes throw the coil and producing alternating magnetic field. For the signal is in condition the signal from the comparator must be match with the microcontroller.

 The printed circuit board consist of socket, input /output plug up resisters and auto reset circuit. The 8051 microcontroller consist of crystal oscillator it is connected externally and it can support (0 to 24MHZ). The buzzer is used for whenever any fault happen in the circuit the controller is active.

This project mainly used at airports, treasure hunting, to find the weapons and land mines.

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  1. Sir/Mam can you provide the 8051 microcontroller program code for the metal detection robot bcoz im getting errors in my code.

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