Fire Extinguisher Robot Project Report

The main aim of this Fire Extinguisher Robot Project Report is to extinguish the fire using robot by using wireless technology. Now a day’s robots used in hazardous applications.  In big industries the fire can be avoided by using robots.

If the path of the robot is complicated then it is difficult to stop the fires. So by using Wireless Fire Extinguisher Robot we can provide wireless communication between Robot and base station.

For this embedded system is used, it contains microcontroller, the advantage using microcontroller is less size and most reliable operation. The microcontroller used here is AT89C51.

 In this Electronic and Communication branch project using the embedded microcontroller, sensors. In this Robot we used remote control system for controlling the robot using wireless technology. The remote consists of microcontroller, these remote consists of switches for moving forward ,backward, turn right, turn left, start and stop buttons.

In this it contains input, transmitter, receiver, output section. In this we used DTMF (dual tone multi frequency) signal for encoding and decoding the data. Encoder is used for the data send to the robot with encoded (cryptography) format then the robot consists of decoder the decoded data is in the original form.

The signal conditioner, in this the microcontroller takes the input as 5v and gives the output as 5v, in this way the signal is in condition.

Fire Extinguisher Robot Advantages and Features:

In this Btech Final Year project Mother Board is designed with micro-controller mcs-51 type, and is designed on printed circuit board. The board is consist of socket for microcontroller, input/output pull up registers, oscillator section and reset circuit. The microcontroller consists of on chip memory.This project is mainly used in industries, power plants.

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