Wireless Live Human Detection Robot Project

A Wireless Live Human Detection Robot Project is autonomous self controlled electro mechanical device witches can perform intelligent actions in real time applications. And these can work with or without the presence of humans and can operate at the places that man cannot even enter.

The only thing is it follows the human activities, in this project human detection robot we use a human sensor for object sensing mechanism. With increasing high speed technologies in robotics had paved a path for new robotic control techniques and evolution of new strategies. Using these we can implement new high performance faster robots control devices.

Human Detection Robot Components Explanation:

This project consists of infra red sensors used to sense the human bodies and these sensors are controlled by the low power and high performance AT89S52 micro controller, the motor movements are monitored by the micro controller based on the signals from the sensors and the relay signals.

Here we a rectifying unit having a step down transformer, full bridge rectifier, voltage controller for converting 230v ac to 5v dc regulated supply, and an helical gear motor which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy is used for the robot movements, and an electromagnetic relay facilitates the controlling operations  for the micro controller.

Download Wireless Live Human Detection Robot Project Report 

These systems had advanced passive infra red sensors for sensing robot motions, the mechanical design and the working phenomenon is clearly explained in project Report with circuit diagram and block diagram.

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