Human Detection Robot Electrical Project Idea

With the advent of high-speed technology, the growing computer capacity provides realistic opportunity and realization of new methods of control theory.

This technical improvement with high performance robots helps to be faster, accurate and more intelligent robots with the use of new robots control devices, new drives and advanced control algorithms.

This Human Detection Robot Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report is about the live personal detection robot which is based on 8 bit Microcontroller by using PIR sensor to detect human.

This project is used in the DEBRIS for Earth quake rescue.  It has IR sensors internally and infrared sensors sense the live persons. These systems are controlled by the Microcontroller.

The Microcontroller controls the motors to get the signals from the PIR sensors and to drive the motors as per the sensor inputs. Two DC Gare motors drive a robot. Hardware requirements are power supply, micro controller (at89s52), DC Gare motor, relays, and PIR sensor.

Microprocessors have the concept of programmable devices and used in many applications of intelligent equipment. Most applications needs high amount of data and program memory which tends to be costly.

The microprocessor system satisfies the data and program requirements, RAM and ROM satisfies application, and so peripheral control equipment also to be satisfied due to this peripherals cost are comparatively high.

The 8052 has three types of memory. They are on-chip memory, external Code memory and external Ram. On-Chip memory is physically existing memory on the microcontroller itself, External code memory is the code memory which resides off chip and is in the form of an external EPROM, and External RAM resides off chip and is in the form of static RAM or flash RAM.


The project Human Detection Robot  designed and tested with integrating features of hardware components and the controller uses PIR based input sensor to detect terrorist/thief inside the building.

Download Human Detection Robot Electrical Engineering EEE Project Idea.

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