Industrial Automation through Internet ECE Final Project

Industrial automation is the most recent science for industrial management. There are many procedures to robotize the industrial concepts, but for mechanics by the internet is a platform that is beneficial to create the communication among the managed devices and remote server (project apparatus).

 There are two kinds of medium. They are wired medium and wireless medium. If we apply the wired communication method, then we should communicate the wires from the control panel to the managed devices. This method is utilized if the interval among the control panel and managed machines are not too much. In the similar way, the rate of wires and the rate of sustaining the connection platform might be stretched.

           The wireless connection systems are used to prevent the physical wires usage.  We are able to organize the connection organization that is functioned to a few kilometers interval. This kind of method is expensive and even has interval disadvantages like connection method should be planned for a particular interval.

 These issues are taken away when we utilize the internet like our platform to get connected. The interval among the managed platform and the managed devices is not the issue like the internet is present around us. We should possess internet connections from both sides. The sustaining rate of the connection platform is like the internet bill between two sides after installing the hardware rate. We are able to utilize internet connection for every uses.


 The conclusion of the Industrial Automation through Internet ECE Final Project study is to improve the controller card which would be connected to the serial port of the system. The goal of the project is to manage the controller card from any system throughout the globe linked over the internet. The communication of this managed card is provided to the devices with the help of relays. 

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