Medical Emergency Caller Android App Project


In case of any emergency patient may not be a state of speaking with anyone or searching through the contact list and calling the desired person, hence we are making an application to solve this problem.

The Emergency Caller Android App is needed in case of a medical emergency. The user can make an emergency call to the nearest hospital.
The user of the application needs to configure the application for the first time use where the user will fill in a short medical survey (that will help to generate a medical history of the patient).

In case of emergency the system will find out the nearest hospital based on the current location of the user and the call will be initiated also the medical details about the patient will be sent to the hospital.

The call will contain a pre-recorded message by the user and the location of the user which will be detected by google maps and then the information will be converted to the voice message.

The Novelty of Idea:

As the Patient’s basic information is available with hospital beforehand the kind of treatment to be given will be decided in advance and the patient can be treated immediately as soon as he/she arrives.

Relevance and Applications:

The system will help the user when he is in an emergency and importantly not in his own area ( Some not well-known place for the user).

In case of emergency as mentioned above it is not possible for a user to speak and also if there is no one nearby to help, the situation can become worst.


Technology Layer/Solution

Attached is the diagram

Proof of Concepts:

As of now, we have used a google maps basic example (rendering map) and soon we will be finding nearest hospital based on users current location and prepare a voice message.

Research & Development:

Designing the UI in such a way that will solve the purpose in the least number of clicks.

what kind of information to store about the patient that will help to generate a medical history of the patient, depending on the storage are (phone/cloud).

In order to make the system more lively, we are planning to use the cloud to store patients information that will be sent to the hospital in case of emergency.

We will try to figure out some shortcut ( gesture, tapping, pressing screen ) in order to initiate emergency help.

Improvement on Existing Solution:

In the current Situation, it becomes very difficult for a patient to locate a nearby hospital in case of emergency but with the help of this android app, we can find nearby hospitals easily.

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