MCA Seminar Report on Voice over Internet Protocol

Introduction to MCA Seminar on Voice over Internet Protocol:

Voice internet protocol is not based on technical issues. This concept allows making a call successfully by the internet connection. This helps to call easily to the customer rather than making payment to the companies which provides the services. Voice internet protocol is abbreviated as VOIP where phone calls are totally free. It is also called as internet or e-telephony.

 Voice internet protocol is a concept of computer network. This voice internet protocol was launched in early 1973 and it was later in access to the user by 1980’s. Later in 1996 a phone named VocalTech internet phone was also discovered. One of the most developed countries the United States is now the biggest supplier and the user of the Voice internet protocol service.

Now a day various telephones which use the voice internet protocol is be discovered and also a mobile phone is also been established. So the main work of the voice protocol is to save money of the customers. So the service provider’s agents also offer various unlimited plans to the end users. People now days have started taking the VocalTech phone instead of the standard phones because this phone is less costly and comes in the budget of the middle class peoples.

The advantages for selecting the vocaltech phone is eliminating phone lines, eliminating long distance expensive charges, number portability, Computer telephony integration etc… and so the advantages of VOIP is recurring charges of data and video clips, Scability, data sending by it in a compression format, providing the world wide web service and the services which requires charges are also free of cost. It also has some dis-advantages too like the Echo voice disturbance and has the bluer sound clarity.

In the coming future days the service called IP Telephony will be emerged too. Because this machines works in the home nature environments only. Following by the VOIP another device named PSTN is also in markets and so a important query arises that whether to take a VOIP or a PSTN and which would be a better one in real life.

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