Mobile Voice Over Internet Protocol Seminar Topic

Mobile Voice Over Internet Protocol users are typically or are likely to become heavy voice and data users. Broadband providers accepted as an integral part of their voice offering is a significant milestone. Consumers expect voice and data communications capability in new type of electronic device.

Mobile phone is one of the most widely used medium of communication today. So there is a large requirement to exchange and store information in the form of documents. Most often, maintaining a hard copy of the document becomes a necessity.

The Attached Mobile Voice Over Internet Protocol Seminar Topic Contains the below Table of contents:

Voice over Internet Protocol (Voice over IP, VoIP)

Mobile VoIP or MoIP

VoIP Phone

Ways to VoIP From Your Mobile Phone

Protocols Used in MoIP

Benefit from Mobile VoIP

Major Benefits

  • Flexibility
  • Cost    


  • Unique VoIP/UC (Undefined Communications)
  • Security challenges
  • The Sipera VoIP/UC Security Solution

Challenges in Mobile VoIP

  • Susceptibility to power failure

International VoIP implementation

Future market success factors

Opportunities in Mobile VoIP

Operator’s Opportunities in the New Communication World

Conclusions and Recommendations

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