Term Paper on Blue Eyes Technology

Introduction to Term Paper on Blue Eyes Technology:

This technology names as Blue eyes concentrates on developing machinery device sensor device which is capable those same as of human beings. It is a device which has no problem in its working and which gives the latest devices like high pixels cameras to indentify the end-users. This device comes to know or which can understand the needs of the users by using the high sensory devices. This device even comes to know the emotions of the user or the person operating it and also understands the thinking of the user.

As this device uses the sensor devices there are few various types of emotion sensory devices for hands the device named Emotion mouse and for Eyes the devices named the Expression glasses. This emotion mouse acts same like as the normal real mouse which was developed by the IBM. This mouse tracks the cardiac rhythm of the user and the body temperature as well along with the mood of the person. This device can even measure the all this and compares with the sixth sense power which are the anger, fear, nervous etc… this mouse has a sub type called as the sentic mouse.

Expression glasses are devices which are used to wear like a normal sun glasses but the difference is that this device allows the person to see the graphical view which tracks the facial expressions and sets the graph. This graph displays two colors mainly the red for the confusion and the green color some showing interest.

Coming to the conclusion part the emotion mouse is a proper device that sounds better and the measures and the emotions were corrected using an appropriate model. Many steps are been raised to update the changes in its hardware department which will be using a mini processors from now. The tracker or the detector can also be updated which is in the mouse.

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