Voice Over Internet Protocol Seminar Topic

Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol-Seminar-TopicVoice over internet protocol seminar topic explains about few interested facts about voip communication network like how it works, how it is different from regular mobile communication what are advantages and disadvantages of VOIP.

Voice over internet protocol is one of the fast growing technology in the internet world. VOIP runs through web, In regular mobiles number is used as identification for users but in VOIP  ip address is assigned to every computer which will be the identification number of that user. In order to used VOIP services user should have a ip based network with VOPI Client on desktop or vopi phone with a router which should be purchased while taking new connection. VOIP is used by many users from all over the world because of its low call cost for international callers.

In order to used VOIP services operating system must support with hardware, Windows CE is used as operating system which is robust, real time operating system platform that enables hardware manufacturers and equipment manufacturers to interlink with each other. Windows CE comes with VoIP enabled call control telecom user interface, a voice application interface layer with effective call control facility.

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