Voice over Internet Protocol Internet Phone Seminar

Voice over Internet Protocol Internet Phone Seminar is the voice delivered by the internet protocol. This is a term used in IP telephony to manage the delivery of voice information with the help of internet Protocol (IP). It is best known as talking PC to PC. Therefore, VoIP is telephony that is using a packet based network instead of PSTN (circuit switched).

Voice over IP is the technology of digitizing sound, compressing it, breaking it up into data packets, and sending it over an IP (internet protocol) network. It is reassembled, decompressed, and converted back into an analog wave form. This technology is transparent to the user and requires minimum training. It is a single cable infrastructure.

The major advantage of VoIP and Internet telephony is it reduces the call charges by ordinary telephone service. The main concept was to compress the voice signal and translate into IP packets for transmission on the Internet. Vocal Tec’s Internet phone was a significant breakthrough. The significant development is gateways which act as an interface between IP and PSTN networks.

 Voice over IP (VoIP) is a blanket description for any service. It delivers standard voice telephone services over Internet Protocol (IP). Computer transfers data and files between computers normally with the help of Internet protocol.

Within a packet switched network, digital data is broken down into packets, sent over the network, and reassembled at the destination. This circuit can accommodate various transmissions at a time. Gateways are required to facilitate IP Telephony. A gateway is provided to bridge the circuit switched PSTN with the packet switched Internet.


Based on packetized technology, vendors of voice equipment may continue to progress integrated voice and data devices. With the help of ubiquitous voice and data service, users are integrated over universal infrastructure and will have transparent, true, and seamless, internetworking between voice and all types of data.

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