Voice over Internet Protocol Seminar Abstract

Introduction to Voice over Internet Protocol Seminar Topic:

Now days the technology is growing at a very fast rate this results in the introduction of the VoIP technology which means to transfer the voice over the internet. For this the phone companies transfer the analog signal to digital signal and transfer to the destination and again converts the digital signal to the analog signal.

There is much complexity in this technology such as representation of the data and setting of the connection to the network. The technologies like voice over frame relay are used to transfer the voice as data packets over the internet. We have also introduces a technology internet telephony which is used to transfer the multimedia information on the internet.

            Earlier for carrying voice and data we have to use different lines. Now the technology has increased so much that we can transfer the voice and data over the same line at very low cost. VoIP technology can be used anywhere such as in office, to link the sides of organization over a large distance, in a cooperate intranet and in the internet. In VoIP technology the data is compressed and send over the large distance that shares a bandwidth. The VoIP allows as to do free calling over the internet in the whole world.

Basically this technology gas a three type they are PC to PC, PC to phone and the last is phone to phone. This technology works by buffering the voice signal over the IP gateway and then converted into digital signal and then we compress it and this whole work is done by PCM. It also edits the voice which we send over the internet and correct it. And at the final stage we attach the IP header and then we send the compressed data to the outside of the network.

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