Voice over Internet Protocol Seminar

Introduction to Voice over Internet Protocol Seminar:

Voice over internet protocol means to transfer the voice of human or the user over the internet through wired connection or wireless connection. This work by converting the analog signal into digital signal by using converter and at the destination point it again convert into analog signal from digital signal.

It converts the voice in data packets and then sends it over internet.These data packets can be route to another location and we can also compress it. The benefit for using noise signal is that it is noise tolerant. This technology is also works on TCP/IP network for controlling communication.

In the past we were using PSTN technology in which communication is done only between one person to another person and the line for data exchange was expensive. In the present days there is a great revolution in the communication world, we can communicate and send data on the single line. These lead to increment in the VoIP technology. E can send data and voice at very low cost. This technology had great future in the coming time with the high power internet.

Requirement: – This technology requires a hardware that has a sound card and a network connection.Operating system required for this technology is windows or Linux.

Classification:- the VoIP technology has many type of classification on which voice and data can be transferred they are, PC to PC in which communication is done between two PCs. PC to telephone in which a internet call can be done by using PC. Another is telephone to telephone in which communication is done between two telephones over an IP network. This technology is work on basic three components they are clients, sever and gateway which is responsible for the communication between two person and two devices.

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