MBA Project Report on Internet Usage in India

Introduction to MBA Project on Internet Usage in India:

This article contains the thinking type and alertness of the computer users on the internet service. People settled in the urban areas were taken under the survey by the IMRB about who use the Internet service regularly. Who are the Internet owners and who all non-users of the internet services are.

Till the last five decades there had been two innovations mainly called the Industrial resolution and the electronic resolution. Industrial resolution were from many decades and this industrial resolution were converted by the agricultural field to the newly came Electronic resolution. The 21st century is the new based technology called as network resolution. It connects the various parts of the earth too…

This century is all upon depending on the technology and if technology would not available then it was impossible for the world to move on the steps of the Developments. So internet service has become the life of this surviving world. Internet was discovered in the 1990’s which were later used in schools. Management, hospitals etc and various other places. Now a day’s shopping has also become online. All products related to daily need are available on the online shopping.

 Before internet was only used in the higher government, and co-operate offices but now in all streams like home, schools and colleges are also using the internet services. As told India is ranked very second place in the world population ranking and about 87 million people uses the internet services. Sue to the increment of technology each passing day there are various applicability advantage in the society.

Internet services are very useful since it is been invented in the market. Today most market streams use the internet which creates an important stream in the faculty’s success. Such type of technology will help the people in various fields the work and for the people who needs or provides the information’s.

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