Mba Project Report on Job Satisfaction of Employees

Job Satisfaction of Employees project was undertaken to study the employees job satisfaction in seshasayee Paper Board Limited, Erode. Perception of employees towards work environment, welfare facilities, promotion opportunities, Supervision, cooperation and their pay are considered as the factor of job satisfaction.

It has major influence on human performance, individual motivation, safety measures and leave concessions. Individuals in the organization have certain expectation and fulfillment of the expectation depends upon their perception as to how the job suits to the satisfaction of their needs. Since satisfaction of individual goes a long way in determining the efficiency.

The primary data was collected through the interview method and questions like workers attitude towards their working environment, welfare facilities, pay and job satisfaction. Datas are collected through structured questionnaire. The degree of questions and response structure decided based on objectives. Questionnaire contains three types of measurement questions.

Administrative questions identify the respondent interviewer, interview location and condition. Classification questions are usually sociological demographic variables that allow respondents answers to be grouped. Target questions address the investigative questions specific to the study objectives.

The data were collected through survey method a questionnaire was prepared and administered on hundred employees in Seshasayee Paper Board Limited, Erode. The data was analyzed by using appropriate statistical tools and conclusions were drawn.

The data collected from the respondent were converted into readable form in the process of classification and arrangements. The data was tabulated and analyzed for logical statement using simple statistical method and Chi-square was used as the statistical tool for analysis.

An employee will be satisfied if he gets what he expected. Job satisfaction relates to inner feeling of a worker. Naturally it is the satisfied worker who shows the maximum effectiveness and efficiency in his work. Most people generalized that workers are concerned more about pay rather than other factors, which also affect their level of satisfaction such as canteen facilities, bonus, working conditions, etc. Of course these factors are less significant when compared to pay.

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