MBA Project Report on Customer Sanctification At Universal Neons

 MBA Project on Customer Sanctification At Universal Neons Introduction:

The main of the study is to find out customers satisfaction of the user of UNIVERSAL NEONS. Customers must be the ultimate aim of every company. The ultimate aim of every business is not only to sell, but also to satisfy the needs and drive customers to business. 

MBA Project Report on Customer Sanctification At Universal Neons

The expectation of the customer with regard to the product, to satisfy customer it is necessary to know what customers expect from the companies. It is the duty of the supplier to know the customer expectation, which is a part to satisfy customers. 

Thus the customer expectation is the awareness, of the product for the satisfaction of the customer. The product must reach them, hence to make aware about the product is one of the ways to satisfy customer. Because when the customer is aware of the product then only he can satisfy else it is impossible. 

Customer satisfaction is a must in a business. According to Kotler,” Satisfaction is a person’s feelings of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing a products perceived performance in the relation to his or her expectations. 

The study is to find out customer’s opinion on cost of the product. After quality the next important factor for any product is the cost. A god business must minimize the cost of their product and there by minimize sales, which will result in customer satisfaction.         

The study is to maximize customer satisfaction by the way of listening their valuable suggestions. In other words being loyal to the customers the customer satisfaction can be impressed or continued. Hence continuity of customer satisfaction is possible by customer’s Loyalty.

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