Mutual Funds Mba Project Report

Mutual Funds Mba Project  study is basically made to analyze the various mutual fund schemes of different sectors to highlight the diversity of investment that Mutual Fund offer.

Mutual Funds Mba Project Report

Through the study one would understand how an investor could fruitfully convert a pittance into great penny by wisely investing into the right scheme according to his risk taking abilities. The main aim of the project is to show Mutual Fund as a better avenue for better return with risk free investment to the potential investors.

The study here has been limited to analyze the performance of mutual funds in selected sectors with different fund houses like Reliance pharma, SBI magnum IT, Franklin Templeton fmcg, UTI infra, Reliance diversified power, Tata service etc. Each funds is analyzed according to its performance against the other, based on factors like Sharpe’s Ratio, b(Beta) Co-efficient, (NAV)Returns.
Based on the performance of funds through their return and risk profile, the observations and findings has been found. And suggest which fund is best for the investor based on his risk and return profile and classified the performance of funds on the basis of good performer and non performer for the selected period of time.

Mutual Funds Project Conclusion:

Following 6 funds have scored well on all parameters,

  • Reliance pharma
  • SBI magnum IT
  • SBI fmcg
  • Franklin Templeton fmcg
  • Reliance diversified power
  • Tata service

Both Reliance and SBI has performed well in all sectors. 

Non Performers:

The funds which can be identified as non performing on the basis of the parameters  considered in the study are :-

  • Principal service 
  • UTI infra 
  • ICICI fmcg 
  • Franklin Templeton IT    

   The conclusion made to the study is that both good and non performing funds are available in the trade, so the investor has to make decision on the investment by taking highest risk for highest return under the guidance of financial service companies.


     The data mentioned above shows that the fund houses are classified as good performer and non performer based on the performance of its funds and it confirmed only for the particular period of study.

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