MBA Project Report On Stress Management of Employees

After being a part of entire MBA PROJECT REPORT ON STRESS MANAGEMENT OF EMPLOYEES survey i.e. from preparation of questionnaire to the preparation of final report, I was able to identify the benefits from the survey conducted and also recognized some of the areas where Employees showed dissatisfaction, which are as follows:

1.    Employees were pleased to work with Halcyon.

2.    People expressed their confidence in management of Halcyon

3.    Most of the Employees were not clear about the mission & vision statement of Halcyon.

4.    Employees are not comfortable with the work place.

5.    Employees are unhappy with the Pantry & Conference facilities provided to them.

6.    Employees feel that they are unable to balance their personal and professional life.

7.    Most of the Employees are displeased with their Compensation and benefits part.

8.    Individuals are treated fairly in Halcyon.

9.    Employees are very much happy with their respective team leads.

10.      Individuals working in teams are happy with cooperation which they get    
from their respective teams.

11.     People working in Halcyon felt that they can freely share their opinion on various things relating to work and personal life with others.

12.     Employees strongly feel that they have Opportunity for their career growth at Halcyon.

13.     Employees are pleased with the Hr department.

14.     Lack of discipline is found with respect to time management.

15.    Employees are satisfied with the current policies of Halcyon technologies.

16.     Employees are unhappy with their performance evaluation policy.

17.     Most of the Employees are dissatisfied with the lack of feedback they get from their team leaders.

Download MBA Finance Project Report & Documentation On Stress Management of Employees.

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