Employee Motivation MBA Project Report

Employee Motivation MBA Project consisted of finding out that factor which motivates the employees the most. The most appropriate means to ascertain such information was to conduct a motivation survey. The research undertaken was a descriptive research as it sought to describe the characteristics of a small sample of employees with regards to what motivated them the most and also classifying them into personality driven motivational profiles. The project consisted of three stages.

Employee Motivation

STAGE 1 – Gathering information and inputs to frame the necessary questions for the survey.

STAGE 2 – Collecting data using the survey method, by getting the sample employees fill the questionnaire.

STAGE 3 – Analysing and interpreting the primary data collected from the survey responses.

Research Methodology : –

  • Problem definition – To ascertain what factor motivated the employees the most according to them and also determine their intrinsic motivational profiles.
  • Objectives – To conduct a motivation survey by framing and administering a questionnaire to sample respondents.
  • Methodology – Descriptive research


A research design is a framework or blueprint for conducting a research project. The research design used for this project is a descriptive research design as it is used in describing facts and characteristics of a sample population under observation. In this project, it is used to describe the key motivator of individual employees and to determine their various motivational profiles.

For the fulfillment of this purpose, primary data had to be collected through a questionnaire that was to be filled by a sample of employees.

Sample Size 100 respondents

Questionnaire formulation The questionnaire consisted of 22 statements based on the Likert scale and 1 Multiple Choice Question.

Sampling Technique Simple random sampling

Data Collection – The data collection method used for the project was the survey method. The survey method of collecting data involves questioning employees for their responses. The employees were asked questions in the form of statements to which they agreed, disagreed or were neutral based on the 5 choice Likert scale. They were asked a variety of questions regarding their attitudes, intentions and preferences in the light of situations and circumstances given in the statements. The questionnaire designed for this project also consisted of a multiple choice question to ascertain the factor that motivated the employees the most.

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  1. I am requested you that please send the scale of job satisfaction and employee motivation and also send me the rliability and validity of the scale .I can used in my thesis .this is very urgent please help me for my thesis to send this scale.

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