MBA Final Year Project on Customer Satisfaction


Customer satisfaction survey is a systematic process for collecting consumer data, analyzing this data to make it into actionable information, driving the results throughout an organization and implementing satisfaction survey is a management information system that continuously captures the voice of the customer through the assessment of performance from the customers’ point of view.


The setting of MBA Final Year Project on Customer Satisfaction objective is the corer stone of a systematic study. The study will be fruitful one when the basis laid down is a concrete one they represent the desired solution to the problem and help in proper utilization of opportunities.

The objectives of the research are:

1)  To find out which sales promotion tools will increase the sales
2)  To find out how brand ambassador can influence sales   promotion.
3)  To find out the market share of “idea Cellular”
4)  To know the features that attracts the customer to subscribe to Idea cellular.
5)  To know the level of satisfaction of customers towards “Idea Cellular Services”.

Download MBA Final Year Project on Customer Satisfaction.

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