MG Charm Algorithm based Market Basket Analysis Project

In MG Charm Algorithm based Market Basket Analysis Project, we have proposed MG-CHARM algorithm for mining minimal generators of frequent closed item sets. The bottleneck of CHARM is that the number of frequent items are large and it takes more time. To solve this problem we decreased the iterations and used new comparison methodology by enhancing CHARM.

Marker Basket Analysis Project

For this we implemented a Shopping Mall Transaction System. This system maintains customer database that are regular, employee database who are working in the mall, and the transaction database which stores the customer and item relations. By this system we used to know the customer interests, and behaviour. We arrange the items according to the customers interest. This makes flexible to the customer to select items and we can increase the productivity of the mall.

Further Enhancements:

The project has covered almost all the requirements. Further requirements and improvements can easily be done since the coding is structured in nature. Improvements can be done by simply modifying the existing modules or by adding new modules. The main enhancement that can be done is the billing system of the organization or mall.

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