Web Frame Work Project in Java

Main objective of web frame work project in java and its supporting tools is to provide good support for each of development approaches and create an environment that supports and promotes the separation of roles and supports different varieties of development models

Web Frame Work

To install and configure web services infrastructure and framework for developing/ delivering web services using the different languages. To confirm that the web services infrastructure and framework are operational for your account. To deploy simple web service, invoke this service using different languages web services client and to examine the message passed between to them.


Web frameworks are having lot of advantages they are

  • It puts the developer on a stronger control over the application sequence and it supports caching, thus making a website updates available in real time
  • It ensures easier web settings, web configurations, and deployment of applications the developer implements the application in minimum steps, thanks to the common library which is centralized organization.
  • Most development services boast an expert team that develops and delivers comprehensive solutions by utilizing the capability of functionality.
  • It comes under lower costs and greater maintainability and accelerated development time.

To view design details and screen shots of this project watch this video.

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