Man Machine Interaction (MMI) Computer Human Interaction (CHI)

Description: The research paper Man Machine Interaction (MMI) Computer Human Interaction (CHI) deals with Man Machine Interaction or Human Computer Interface. The research paper suggests that when a human being interacts with a computer then an interface is established and in this are involved many tools, hardware and software components. In order to use the system the users should know the nitty gritties of system operations. The research paper draws an analogy between driving a car and human computer interface. While driving a car the driver uses the steering, breaks and clutches to maneuver the driving aspect, similar things happen in human computer interface. Human computer interface also aims at complete neural control of computers.

“Human-computer interaction is a discipline concerned with the design, evaluation and implementation of interactive computing systems for human us Differences with related fields. A basic goal of HCI is to improve the interactions between users and computers by making computers more needful and receptive to the user’s needs”. There has been a lot of invention since the mention of this domain in 1980s. Early methods relied greatly upon the cognitive perceptions of individuals and trying to draw analogy between that and the computer applications. The brain computer interface and lot of subsequent research has been happening in the field. Research scientists have gotten microprocessors embedded into their bodies and observed how their nerve cells can send signals to the computer.

Machines have specialized components for interacting with humans. Some of these components are basically transducers for moving information physically between human and machine. Other components have to do with the control structure and representation of aspects of the interaction.

Conclusion: Human computer interaction has seen great research. Cyborg or cybernetic humans with part/parts of their bodies computerized are slowly gaining popularity. The cyborgs thus constructed could slowly take over domains like surgery, sports, military and many more. The aim of computer human interaction is to heighten the performance, efficiency and viability like never before.

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