Eye Movement Based Human Computer Interaction Techniques

Description: The research paper Eye Movement Based Human Computer Interaction Techniques speaks about eye movement based human computer interaction. The research paper speaks about the breakthrough researches that are in vogue in the arena of non-command interfaces. The research paper identifies a problem saying that the typical human and computer interactions are one sided. It is suggested that the bandwidth from computer to user is far wider than the bandwidth from user to computer. This is considered a potential upheaval considering the speed of operations performed. Eye Movement based computer human interaction can offer greater speed of processing and interaction and greater efficiency by increasing the scope of human –computer interaction bandwidth.

All about the non-touch interaction:

The research paper talks about the possibilities and inherent limitations that crop when the input to the computers is through eyes. The concept is so different and complicated. While trying to input information through eyes, scientists suggest natural eye movement and certainly not the trained one.  The technique commences by studying the characteristics of natural eye movements and then attempts to recognize corresponding patterns in the raw data obtainable from the eye tracker, convert them into tokens with higher-level meaning, and then build dialogues based on the known characteristics of eye movements. These eye movement based interactions set a new example of non-touch commands to the computer. It represents a change in input from objects for the user to actuate by specific commands to passive equipment that simply senses parameters of the user’s body.

Conclusion: Non-touch based interaction or giving the input to computers with eyes is one major breakthrough in the domain. It can certainly be adjudged as the ray of hope for disabled people or people busy with multitasking. The focus right now is over the natural eye movement to facilitate working but I future conscious eye movements will take over for getting onto specific tasks.

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