Humanoid Robotics Technical Paper Download

Description: The role of humanoid robotics is discussed in the research paper.The research paper Humanoid Robotics Technical Paper Download speaks about the ever increasing research achievements in the field of humanoid robotics.

The research aims at making the computer understand the environment around the humans and the complexities involved in their lives. The attempt is to make the computer, think, analyze and contemplate on these alongside helping and coming up with solutions.

Human interactions are generally gesture based and this domain of computer engineering aims at developing a humanoid robot capable of making facial gestures.

Humanoid Robotics:

Knowing about the facial gestures: It is suggested in the research paper that using multiple Kalman filters facial gestures could be precisely understood. Although the research sounds very fascinating there are multiple problems pertaining to manipulation. 

The Hitachi Ltd. Hand has proposed an approach in designing robotics hands with its radial space memory alloy (SMA) metal actuation technology. The hand is characterized by a high power-to-weight ratio and a high compactness. The Hitachi Hand uses a large number of thin SMA wires; each finger has 0.02mm diameter SMA wires that are set around the tube housing of the spring actuators. The SMA wire, when heated by passing an electric current through it, reacts by contracting against the force of the spring.

The development of a robotic hand for space operations is currently ongoing also in the Robotic Systems Technology Branch at the NASA Johnson Space Center. The goal in designing novel humanoid hands is to fulfill critical requirements such as functionality, controllability, low weight, low energy consumption and noiseless. These requirements can be fulfilled by an integrated design approach called biomechatronic design.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that, although sounds very promising and complimented by commendable research human computer interactions have their own challenges and research to this effect has been in vogue.

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