Human Computer Interaction Finger Tracking

Description: The research paper Human Computer Interaction Finger Tracking speaks on more recent researches made in the arena of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Earlier the human computer interaction interface was restricted to monitor, keyboard and mouse but now with increase in technological knowledge the concept slowly enhanced into voice, speech recognition, position recognition models have enriched the domain and have roped in some very sophisticated means of human computer interaction.

Finger tracking is using bare hand to put various aspects of a computer into application. This makes the procedure much faster and easier. Fingertip finding is the use of hands and their various positions to kick-start a computer application. Fingertip findings aim at minimizing the use of keyboard and mouse. The natural hand movements are perceived by the computers and the necessary command is undertaken. Different types of finger tracking methods are recognized and explained in the research paper, they are:

  1. Color Tracking Systems
  2. Correlation Tracking Systems
  3. Contour based Tracking Systems

The research paper talks about the FingerMouse. The FingerMouse system makes it possible to control a standard11 mouse pointer with bare hand. If the user moves an outstretched forefinger in front of the camera, the mouse pointer follows the finger in real-time. Keeping the finger in the same position for one second generates a single mouse click. An outstretched thumb invokes the double-click command; the mouse-wheel is activated by stretching out all five fingers.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that the finger-tracking system works on lighter backgrounds with little clutter. Although the maximum size of search area is 1.5*1m it can be easily increased. Finger tracking easily adapts to different situations and conditions. It is user friendly enabling him to use the system anytime. There is no restriction of speed of the finger. No additional accessories like gloves or any other such thing is required.

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