Cyborg- Human Computer Applications

Description: The research paper Cyborg- Human Computer Applications talks about Human Computer Applications. The research paper talks about applications in which there is an active association between man and the microprocessor. The paper suggests that in coming years there are going to be machines with an ability to think more powerfully than the human beings. In simple words the thinking activity is going to be overtaken by the machines in the near future. Machines have a very broad thinking prowess in comparison with computers.

The research paper suggests that the body is considered by cybernetics as a meat machine with connectivity similar to computer networks. Hence in order to enhance the performance of human beings it is suggested to replace organ/organs with computerized body part/s- an artificial heart, an all seeing bionic eye. Scientists are interested to know the functioning and programming skills of the neuron. The scientists are focusing on a structure located between the spinal cord and higher brain centers that is believed to integrate information from different origins, such as tactile or visual, to shape the commands that control muscle movement, Mussa-Ivaldi said. The research eventually could help doctors fashion sophisticated artificial limbs for those suffering from nerve damage, he said.

The success of this kind of man machine integration was relished when Prof. Kevin Warwick got a silicon chip transponder into his forearm and what he could do was amazing he can walk around and operate doors, heaters and computers without lifting a finger. A little later a microelectrode array having 100 electrodes was inserted in the left arm of Prof. Kevin Warwick. This was done in an attempt to make the human body directly send input to the computer. When Warwick lifted his arm signals were sent to the computer. Prof. Warwick was able to control an electric wheelchair and an artificial intelligent hand using his newly acquired neural interface.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes by saying that research may unveil wonderful things like thought communication, surgical procedures taken over completely by robots and many more. 

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