Human Computer Interaction with Design Final Year Computer Seminar

Description: The research paper Human Computer Interaction with Design Final Year Computer Seminar speaks about Human Computer Interaction along with the design details. The research paper suggests that there is an ever increasing level of interaction between humans and computers. This interesting dialogue between humans and computers permits invention of more sophisticated software and hardware tools in order to increase the efficiency of this interaction. The aim of technological development has always been to see that the interface activities become more and more viable with each passing day. The rapid growth of computing has made human interaction with computers indispensable. The human interaction with the computers is seeing new improvements. Earlier it was quintessential to undergo a training in order to understand the complexities of computational functioning. But these days a person with just a minimal interest in the working of a computer can take over and benefit from it.

Human Computer Interaction with Design:

With lot of evolution in the domain of human computer interaction there could be great scope of computer operators and their hands full with plum assignments and projects. There are some disadvantages however posed by the field. Human beings need to keep brushing their skills as skills not used are surely forgotten. There may also be outcome on the designers of the system. If the designers know that a human will back up the system, they may not take as many steps to make the system as tough as it should be. The Human computer interaction is aiming as automating everything as much as possible. Each task that the operator performs should be analyzed to determine what information is needed to accomplish the task. This information should be provided by the human-computer interface.

Conclusion: The research paper ends on a note that the computer human interaction is constantly focusing on self-service and efficiency of an operation.

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