Human Computer Interaction The Goal Student Seminar

Description: The research paper Human Computer Interaction The Goal Student Seminar talks about the goal of human computer interaction. The domain is also called Man machine interaction and informs us about the various ways the computer is used by the human beings and the physical parts of the human body involved to generate signals in the computer. The research paper suggests that the interaction between users and computers happens at an interface in which there is involvement of software and hardware components.

Goal of Human Computer Interaction:

The goal of human computer interaction is to see that the performance of system is enhanced by using the physical elements and advantages of the human body. Human Computer Interaction is based on the following features:

  • methodologies and processes for designing interfaces
  • methods for implementing
  • techniques for evaluating and comparing interfaces
  • developing new interfaces and interaction techniques
  • developing descriptive and predictive models and theories of interaction

The research paper talks about Human factor which suggests various ways human beings interact with the world around them. “Human Factors” are sets of human-specific physical, mental and behavioral properties which either may interact in a critical or dangerous manner with technological systems, human natural environment and human organizations, or they can be taken under consideration in the design of ergonomic human-user oriented equipments. The choice/identification of human factors usually depends on their possible negative or positive impact on the functioning of human-organization and human-machine system.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that Human Computer Interaction is evolving at an astronomical pace. There has been a serious research going on in seeing to it that the performance of the system is made even more efficient and user friendly. There has been a lot of ongoing research in the field seeing to it that the interactions between man and computer become more sophisticated and specific. Computers which work on signals given from eye and other such neurologically controlled body parts would hit the light of the day.

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