Human Data Interaction in IoT – The Ownership Aspect

In this Human Data Interaction in IoT – The Ownership Aspect, we develop a password based user authenticated IoT device login server. This will provide the data access to the owner only. 

Existing Work:

The approach of the existing work has not been clearly explained, they not provide any practical approach for the data safety and security over the IoT application.

Proposed Work:

Proposed Human Data Interaction in IoT system will be implemented on a Operating System(OS) based interface, which included and advances speed processor architecture i.e ARM 11, which makes the system very robust and the networking over the internet is done through on board Ethernet module with built in web server.


Hardware: ARM11, Wi-Fi, Power supply, ADC, Sensors, Load.

Software: OS: Embedded Linux, Language: C/ C++, IDE: Qt Creator.

Applications: Automation, Educational Knowledge, Robotics.


  • Helpful or the disable children and industrial automation for making daily activates, through controlling the devices over Internet.

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