Letsgo Event Management and Booking App

Letsgo is an event management and booking app where artists get to submit their events details along with the type of event and location and users(audience) can select events according to their location and choice and have an option to book the same. SQLite should be used for the back-end database.

LETSGO is primarily for connecting consumers with entertainment, movie screenings and local events such as theatre, musical performances, etc. Users can rely on this to find out what’s happening and decide what to do; from movies, concerts and sports to family fun and nightlife.

With many of local events to choose from, LETSGO provides an extremely comprehensive selection of local entertainment content and serves its users by delivering highly personalized content and recommendations according to their choice.

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Eventful powers the mobile ecosystem for local events with an open platform that enables partners and web applications to leverage LETSGOs data, features and functionality via the LETSGOs API.
This is needed to provide an interface between users and local performers so that they get a platform to showcase their talent. LETSGOs unique, social media platform will empower fans to influence the content and the location of entertainment and live events.


  • The user has to sign up and will provide with an ID. This completes the registration.
  • The user has an option to choose the locality and the type of event he/she wishes to attend.
  • The user accesses the event page, searches for an event of his choice
  • The user gets all the details about the event which he selects including the venue, price and a brief description if available.
  • The user then has to make the payment.
  • The user gets a confirmation.
  • The user, If an artist has to fill out a form containing fields which describe the event and provide the necessary details.
  • Admin can add, update and delete events.
  • Users get to log out from the app.


  • Performance requirement- The system needs to be reliable and should display an appropriate error message if the process is not completed.
  • Safety requirements- The details need to be maintained properly, users must be authenticated and the database updated.
  • Security requirements- Only after entering the correct id and password can the user log in.
  • Availability- Should be available to all users
  • Recoverability – Should recover in case of any failure.
  • Reliability- Any update should not tamper with existing data.


The main idea of this application is used to maintain Event information and organize the event. The tools constitute Android SDK development, Java Jed, Eclipse in mobile applications which will be displayed when an authorized person uses the software and developed on Linux environment which is platform dependent in mobility application.

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