Student Fees Management System Android App


Hello, to develop an Android program related to Student fees management system consisting of Homepage, login page and features of the app are students can check their fee details, due fees, and date etc., through app along with SQLite database (local server).

Our project Student Fees Management System tracks all the details of a student from the day one to the end of his course which can be useful for all reporting purpose, tracking enrolment, status and all these will be available for future references too. We are developing an Android App using which every aspect related to fees can be involved.

Today majority of mobile users are Android users. So, we choose Android as a platform to develop the App. Through this, parents need not approach college every time for fees. They can get entire information like pending fees, paid fees, due date etc., just on single click on their mobile. Also easy for the college to maintain all these aspects just by updating the database.

This App is entirely GUI based i.e., user-friendly since the users also include the parents it is easy to understand and operate. It also includes the attendance of the student apart from the fees details.

want this app as user-friendly because we want to provide this to our college so that parents can check the fees details of their children through this app. Our main aim is that all the fees details like total fees, due fees, due date and all categories like a bus, tuition, exam, university fees etc, of a student, can be checked through the app. Whenever a student pays some fees in the college his/her record should be updated and can get same info through the app.

Home screen should have Admin login(college staff) and normal login(for students and parents both can log in through student id)

Admin should have rights to add, delete, update a student record and normal users should be able to check the fees details only.

Also, they should get notified about due date ie., last date for fee payment.

The student should log in through his unique ID has username and password and can change his/her password.

Forgot password option should be worked through student mail.

SQLite database should be used. As part of an academic career, we want to show the working of this app through our phones with some 50 records. And we ask our college management to provide economic help in order to implement it in a full-pledge manner. So that all the students can utilize this facility.

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  1. could you send me a source code of this project?…this is my final year project and i hope you can help me

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