Field Service Management App


Field Service Management is an important tool for every service provider conducting on-site installations. An efficient solution is required to support various areas including service order placement, task scheduling, technician assignment depending on skills and availability, route optimization, equipment allocation, as well as service level agreements and reports management.

The platform must be seamlessly integrated with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Order Management system. Only comprehensive tools which support end to end field service delivery processes can reduce operating costs and improve customer experience of every successful service provider.


Our field service app’s main goal is to achieve higher productivity. This app enables the Engineer to continuously report his/her status to admin and also enables the Admin to monitor the Engineer and give instructions in order to keep the Engineer engaged there by maintaining the productivity in higher levels.

When the technician reaches the client place he first put the in-time entry through our field service app using client’s system. Even the technician tries to change the entry time. But our app first matches the technician’s entry time with data receiving time of the server.

Our Field Service Management app only takes the time entered by the technician if the matches found unless it takes server’s data receiving time. It leads to time management. He also add customer type, it means how they contact our service via ad or third party or regular customer.

He also responsible for put work status like work pending, I need spare box through his invoice number. Finally put the Exist Time via client’s system. Admin login to this app to check the status of the technician and also check task’s history like task is finished or pending etc. He also generates report based on engineer, customer and task.

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