Latest Java Project on Data Security Using Honey Pot System with Project Report

Introduction to Data Security Using Honey Pot System Project:

In order to provide a support to the defensive network security posture the recent concept of data security using honeypot system is implemented and it is widely accepted by people.

This project has various features that along with data gathering of the intelligence enable to understand the attacker more profoundly.

It also helps to know about the kind of ammunition’s being used by the attackers well as the results of the unauthorized attacks for the measures of the prosecution. 

The already existing systems need the intrusion signatures as well as brief information about the abnormal and normal activities. Using machine learning techniques it is quite difficult to identify the abnormalities.

These system activity based on general rules and models that can be used by the system to detect intrusions, compromising the system’s reliability. The earlier works of intrusion detections aim at single source generated activities.

It results in various undetected intrusions. In the existing system, an intruder can enter and access the network easily. In order to secure the system, it is important to prevent the entry of the intruder. 

The ticketing authority is the new concept of the proposed plan and according to this plan, the clients will have to get tickets from the ticketing authority to access the network resources.

This method is proposed in order to keep a check on the vulnerable activities. It will keep a check on the unauthenticated clients and will also secure the networking system.

In this method, the back end server will compare the client’s permission and the requested operation, whether it should be allowed or not. If they find any kind of discrepancy between the requests operations and the permission then they will transfer it to the honeypot for filtration.

This new method can protect the system and also prevent unscrupulous activities.

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