Asp.Net Project Idea on Image Hiding Using steganography with Project Report

Introduction to Image Hiding Using steganography with Project:

We know that if you want to stop any object from interfering your eyes the you must present it to the perfect person who is looking for it making it innocuous as much as possible.

The choice of music differs from one people to another and thus obviously you will get to see only his favorite types of music on his computer’s storage device.

Sharing and transferring of music is also very common.

You will need to hide the message in such in such a way in the image file so that no great changes take place after the message insertion in the image file.

On the other hand, if the message is encrypted then the security level will automatically increase. Now even if you want to discover the hidden message then you will get to see only the encrypted message that you cannot decrypt in any way.

There is a goal behind every project and similarly here the main object is to embed the information using stenography into a well known media.

In comparison to the media file this text will be much shorter. For e.g.: a relation between the lyrics and a recoded song.

Usually the song lyrics in ASCII files are smaller in comparison to the image file recordings. So you can safely embed steganographically the smaller file without hampering the quality into the larger file.

Video data and close capturing information are also another topic of argument. This project focuses on the lyrics to create a karaoke machine, driven steganographically.

Here the lyrics will embed and displayed when the file will run on the screen. Implementation of steganographic algorithm is necessary for encoding data into image files.

It extracts the data and plays it separately. This is an ideal research for extracting song and lyrics.

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